Exceptional Senior Showcase

Exceptional Senior Showcase

To CDYSL Club Presidents and Representatives


Subject:  2015 CDYSL Exceptional Seniors College Showcase/Section II Senior All-Stars updates to clubs


Preparations are well underway for the 2015 Section II Senior All-Stars / CDYSL Exceptional Seniors College Showcase is scheduled for Wednesday, November 11th at DiCaprio Park, Guilderland, NY.  As always we are looking forward to providing some of our best seniors in Section II an opportunity to make contact with college coaches as well as enjoy the camaraderie of the day.


We’d like to ask your help in “spreading the word” about submitting profiles to the seniors in your club.  We encourage any senior who might be interested in being contacted by a college soccer coach to fill out a player profile for inclusion in the profile booklet distributed to college coaches (even if they do not play in Section II or are either not invited or will be unable to play that day).


Please remind all interested seniors (and their parents) that filling out a profile is not an application to participate in the CDYSL Exceptional Seniors College Showcase / Section II Senior All-Star Games.  Invitations will only be extended to players in Section II.  League/Conference reps will be making those decisions in mid October and will be sending out the invitations NOT CDYSL.  


Please direct interested players and parents to our showcase webpage for additional information about the games and updates as they become available at  Included are links to the game day schedule, the on-line profile submission form and a list of coaches who attended last year.  


Important:  Senior Profiles must be received by Friday, October 30th to guarantee inclusion in the profile booklets distributed to college coaches.


Based upon the requests of several college coaches, we will be sending electronic previews of the senior profiles on or about November 7th which makes the OCtober 30th deadline tight.  


If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us via email at KathyMarco@cdysl.org or by calling the League office at (518) 435-2325