1. How do I register for rec soccer?   a. Spring  b. Fall

  a. Registration for spring soccer starts in March – April.
(Click Rec programs -Spring for a description of program).

  b. Registration for fall rec soccer is from end of May – end of August.
(Click Rec Programs – Fall for a description of program)

We also have online registration available! Go to the Rec Programs tab and click the proper one. It is quick and easy.

2. What are the age requirements for spring soccer, fall rec and travel soccer?
a. Spring  b. Fall  c. Travel

  a. The age requirement is 4 to 10 years old.

  b. No age requirement. It is based on school grade. Kindergarten through grade 6.

  c. The age requirement is based on your child’s age before August 1 which determines your child’s division.

3. Where and when are rec games/practices held?  a. Spring  b. Fall

  a. Instructional sessions for spring soccer are at the RYSC fields across from the Rotterdam Police Station on Princetown Road. Six consecutive Saturday mornings during the season.

  b. Games are played at the RYSC fields across from the Rotterdam Police Station on Princetown Road. Practices are also at the RYSC fields and times/location are conducted at your coach’s discretion. After your first game, practice will be on the same field that your game was played on that Saturday.

4. What equipment should my child bring? (for Spring Soccer, Fall Rec & Travel)

Your child should bring an age appropriate size ball, sneakers or cleats, shinguards and water/powerade. Shin guards are mandatory for both practice and games. No shin guards no play! – its for the children’s safety. Metal cleats are forbidden.

5. I registered online but now would like to purchase a ball and/or shinguards. How can I do this?

You can come to Field Set-up day (in August from 9:30am-11am). A board person should be available to assist you. If you can’t make it on this day, the first day of Fall Rec is another chance to get equipment. If paying in cash, please bring the exact amount, if possible.

6. Can my child play with their best friend or a coach? (Fall Rec)

You may request to play with another player on your application form and the other player must do the same. For a coach write their name in the “buddy box”. These requests are generally honored, but the fall rec coordinators do their best not to “stack” teams based upon these requests.

7. After the rec season ends, what if my child still wants to play soccer?

They absolutely can. Our travel season starts after the fall program.  Usually, your rec coach or the rec coordinator will talk to you about this.

8. What is the travel commitment?

Generally, teams play indoor from the beginning of November until the end of March. Each team chooses where (Afrim’s Colonie or Latham or the Halfmoon Sportsplex) and how many sessions one, two or all three they will play. Session 1 starts Nov-Dec, Session 2 runs Jan-Feb and Session 3 Mar-Apr. Teams usually practice and play once per week. Individual teams may choose to practice or play more frequently.

The outdoor season runs from the end of April through the end of June. The CDYSL format is twelve games, six home and six away. Our home fields (as in rec) are the RYSC fields. The away games are against other teams in the Capital District – Albany, Schenectady, Latham, Niskayuna etc.. and beyond – Adirondack, Schoharie, Oneonta etc…. Teams play one or two games per week. The CDYSL, along with team coach’s request, place teams in certain divisions based upon their indoor season and team strength. Games are scheduled on Sunday afternoons and Tuesday through Friday evenings at 6:30 pm. Also, teams usually choose to play in tournaments (indoor/outdoor) throughout the year. The coach and parents usually decide on which tournaments to enter. Tournaments are normally one-day events and are located throughout the Capital District. Tournaments outside the Capital District are not out of the question and may require overnight accommodations. This would be a team decision and a player would not be required to participate if unable.

The player/ parent should anticipate a commitment level of eight-nine months.

9. What is the tryout process?

A better term would be player placements. The travel coach and assistants evaluate each player’s ability through a series of drills and scrimmages to place each candidate on a team with athletes of similar skills. Sometimes after the tryout process is finished there are not enough players to create a team. Not to worry, the coach and club will try to fill the roster with players from other community clubs in the same situation.

10. Can my child play other sports while playing travel soccer?

Yes, your child is free to play other sports. Your child is not limited to playing travel soccer only, except in the Academy level. All we ask that you let your coach know about conflicts with the other activities your child may have. Our main goal is for this to be a fun learning experience.

11. How much does travel soccer costs?

The cost to play travel soccer is $350.00 – $750.00. This fee covers CDYSL fees, insurance and game/ref fees. Indoor facility training.  The cost will vary per team depending upon the number of tournaments your team enters but RUSC teams play our home tourney for FREE!

Indoor session fees are an extra cost that you will incur. There are three indoor sessions (usually a team will play 2 out of 3) that range from $750 – $850 per session that each team member will share the cost of so $30 -$40 a child  

12. How can I help the Club?

You have many choices. Here are some of the following: Volunteer to work concessions, help with field set-up and breakdown, coach/ assistant coach a team, manage a travel team, or solicit or sponsor an ad for our tournament book; just to name a few. Come to a board meeting to learn more about the club.