Academy Development Level

What is it?

RUSC believes in providing training and skill building opportunities for our players.  The Academy Development Level (ADL) program is intended to encourage all players to continue to develop their skills at their own pace through training and participation practices only.  RUSC philosophy is “we don’t want to turn any child away from playing soccer” but to be fair to all players, a limited number of players will be carried on a team.  The extra players will be practicing with the team to develop their skills and continue their growth in soccer.  This is the basis of the Academy Development Level.

After the placement process is complete, the Director of Coaching, the coach and any outside evaulators assess the skill level of all players at that level (U10, U12 etc…) and place the same skill level of players on each team considering there are enough players for multiple teams. These players will train throughout the entire indoor season (Nov-Apr).  The club will continue to recruit players in the hopes of forming a second team and will establish there own cut off date if recruitment is unsuccessful. If a second team can’t be formed, these players might be asked to join the existing team if needed, move to a higher B team if needed based on their development or if a coach and additional academy players are not found they could be released from the club due to the lack of players for multiple teams and/or coaches. All teams have an ideal size which promotes the best opportunity for players to have fun and to develop their skills.  CDYSL limits team sizes to a maximum number of players per age group for this very reason.  Example: Ideal size for U14 group is 16-18 but the maximum size is 22 players as set by CDYSL, U10 ideal is 12 as well as U12.  As any parent knows being on a team with 22 players, it is hard for each player to get playing time.  RUSC understands this and our expectation is to provide and maintain a quality training program, competitive team play and a fun atmosphere for all.

The ADL fee would be $100.00 less than the club level fee.  The players who don’t make the existing team would not incur the costs of the outdoor spring season but could continue to train with the team.  The ADL fee covers registration, uniform, insurance, indoor field usage and coaches fee.  If a child is placed on a team after the winter season or if a full team is formed, the $100.00 would be due.  Depending on certain circumstances, players could still play in indoor or outdoor tournaments but there would be an additional charge for this.  Your team coach/manager would handle this.

RUSC will try to do what is best for each age group as issues arise.