Club Level

What is it?

Club Level more commonly referred to as Travel Soccer is for those players who are interested in playing at a higher level than rec soccer.  The purpose of travel soccer is to further develop individual skills as well as teamwork through games against other area clubs.  Player’s should possess a basic understanding of the game’s principles in which the coach’s prime objective is to develop them into a better soccer player.

Coach’s will require a greater level of practice time and sessions from their players in order to accomplish the above objective.   Coach’s and parents will decide if a team will enter any indoor/outdoor tournaments.  Some teams may travel out of state for a tournament, but most stay within the Capital District.

Travel soccer is generally considered to be an 8-10 month (Nov-June) commitment for the child and parent. A summer tryout will be administered and if placed a commitment by Sept 1st is needed to secure the spot or it could be filled by another child. No one is guaranteed a spot from year to year on any team.

If your child has the skill and desire to learn, we want him or her.  We at RUSC think our program is the best – but don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself!






U8 $250
U09-U18 $700 flat fee – payment plan available **
U19 (college) TBD

**Currently RUSC is discussing uniform package as additional cost to parents for 17/18 season and more information is to come regarding this possibility. With increasing ref fees, CDYSL fees, training facility fees- RUSC is looking to keep it affordable and competitive with other clubs in the area with raising fees as little as possible. New improvements to training and locations of training are in discussion as well. Check back for updated information to come. $700 flat fee includes (CDYSL fees which is both player registration fee and team registration fee, Ref fees, 1-2 indoor practices/week, coaches fees and RUSC tourney incl.)  RUSC is in talks as well with COERVER for weekend technical training.
   * $100 non-refundable deposit at sign-up, 


The fee will be $700 U9 – U18

checks can be mailed to RUSC at PO Box 6021 93 West Campbell rd Rotterdam Ny 12306

 One family discount of ($50.00) will be given for having more than one child playing.
Note: The family discount can’t be used with any other credit (Board, Coach, Concession or Registrar)

RYSC Refund Policy:

Before November 1 – 100% (except for $100.00)
November 1 – December 31 – 50%
After December 31 – 0%

Make checks payable to: RUSC – PO BOX 6021 – 93 West Campbell Rd -Rotterdam – NY – 12306